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Small Group Training

If you want many of the benefits of Personal Training at a lower cost, consider Small Group Training.  You will receive the personal attention and instruction you need in a small group setting that promotes consistency and motivates you to push yourself towards the goals you want to achieve.  Groups can be 4 to 6 people and will meet at an agreed upon location at an agreed upon time.  Programs will last for 8 weeks and meet 2 times a week for 45 minute sessions.  These 8 week sessions are available at a cost of $160 per person. 

Personal Training

Personal Training Packages

1/2 hour training session

 1 hour training session

10 pack hour sessions

 20 pack hour sessions

10 pack 1/2 hour sessions

20 pack 1/2 hour sessions

  Single Person Price



$400.00 ($40/hr)

$700.00 ($35/hr)

$250.00 ($25/session)

$340.00 ($20.00/session)

  Partner Training Price (2 clients)



$550.00 ($55/hr)

$1000.00 ($50/hr)

$350.00 ($35/session)

$600.00 ($30/session)

Group Exercise Classes

For groups larger than 6, group exercise rates will apply. Classes offered can include Chair Aerobics, Water Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and conditioning classes.  We offer classes for all fitness levels and all ages.  Class costs range from $25 - $60 per class.  Classes must meet for a minimum of 15 sessions.  All necessary equipment will be provided and classes will be offered at an agreed upon time and location.